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let's check in with lisa argen. good morning. live doppler not picking up rain, we will in the next 30 hours or so, big storm system headed our way, this morning out the door, take a look, low visibility, dense fog advisory for the north bay, highway 101 into the east bay, oakland quarter of a mile visibility, 8th of a mile sfo, quarter mile mountain view, san jose good shape as well as east bay that could change. this will continue to limit visibility all throughout the coastline, next several hours, sun doesn't come up for another hour, going to be after the 8:00 hour into 9:00 when we see sunshine, when we do, more mild afternoon temperatures coast limited clearing around the bay, once again, mid and upper 60s, temperatures above normal today and inland less fog in the morning and a nice
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afternoon. sue what about the commute? >> so far, so good, very thick fog, good morning this is the -- you can't tell this is the san mateo bridge, just about 20 minutes ago we could see the fog has settled on to the span, very, very slow, traffic moving, but you should take it slow, it is thick in waves and you come up on it, so fast, limited visibility on all san francisco, all bay area bridges i should say, here is the bay bridge, metering lights just turned on, traffic beginning to back towards the overcrossing, metering lights will be slowing you as you head towards san francisco and thick fog on the deck. looking at our waze app getting under the fog showing your commute a lot of our traffic cameras are fogged in this is looking at 238 in hayward, 580 out of castro valley reporting heavy traffic here. 580 towards san leandro, foggy. to download this app, it is
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tree on the app store or gaggle help -- it is free, on the app store or google, help navigate your commute. dense fog advisory in here's another live look at the golden gate bridge or what you can see, visibility is low now. here's video amy hollyfield and ian back dock shot this morning, thick fog -- babcock shot this morning, thick fog at 6:30 we go live to amy and see how drivers are navigating through the fog. chp investigate wag caused aid head off on crash in the foothills that killed four, including three members of an oakland family saturday night on highway 50 in the eldorado county town of casino, westbound prius crossed four lanes, hit head-on by a minivan driving in the
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opposite direction, drive and to passengers in the prius died, 4-year-old girl in the minivan was also killed. coming up, kira klapper will reveal new information about the victims. highway patrol says bay area fatalities are up from last year at this time, seven people have died on bay area roads compared to six last thanksgiving weekend. chp says this bmw was going fast in foggy conditions yesterday morning when it rear-ended a big rig on i-81 person died at the scene, a second victim was airlifted to john newer medical center. highway -- patrol trying to -- an unidentified woman was walking on the freeway she was hit by several cars the first driver did not stop. the investigation kept the northbound lanes shutdown nearly three hours. 6:04. black friday is over now it is time for cyber monday,
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retailers are calling today the busiest of the holiday season for online shopping. katie marzullo is live with what retailers are expecting. >> reporter: retailers are expecting to make big money. for their part consumers get the big discounts when it comes to clothing, gap and abercrombie offering 30% to 40% off everything, tv on amazon for 60% off, diamond earrings at kmart discounted up to 75% off. analysts predict shoppers will spend a billion and a half online up 20% from last year. it doesn't pack the punch it used to because people have been shopping online starting before black friday. >> with so many deals offered from wednesday through the weekend now some of that money has already been spent. >> reporter: shoppers spent 59 billion dollars over the weekend, average shopper spent
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$423, which is an all-time high. if you are not done with shopping yet we put together an easy to use guide all the big named store ads in one place, katie marzullo, abc7 news. this morning a vallejo father is accused of killing a teenager after a fight involving his son. police arrested 44-year-old randee damar williams yesterday. police say williams' son called him after a fight during a house party. family members identified the victim as 17-year-old gary white, jr.. a high school student with hopes of playing college basketball. >> i would never picture myself burying my youngest brother, i could never picture now i got that live with that, you feel me? >> neighbors say a loud argument took place on the street before they heard five or six shots. witnesses helped police locate
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williams at his home in vallejo. traffic and weather together, next. live look outside shows what we've been telling you all morning, it is very foggy as you look at the bay bridge toll. the back-up starting. we'll check in with sue and find out why this is going on and lisa will tell us when the fog going to burn off. deadly factory fire leaves more than 100 dead overseas. the connection to retailers here at home.
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good morning. live doppler 7 hd quiet for now. we are looking at dense fog that continues to provide big problems not only north bay visibility has been reduced to a 16th of a mile at sfo, mountain view up to 7 miles reduced visibility in hayward now, the only spots where you are not having problem, concord and livermore, even san jose a little worse this morning, in the 40s, we have a couple dry days out there, sunshine to enjoy today after that fog lifts. we have a lot to talk about in terms of rain coming our way. >>ia that fog is a factor for your -- that fog is a fact for for your drive, top of the grade clear then dip into the
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thick fog through marin, slower speeds, because of fog, light traffic on the golden gate bridge, please take extra care. bay bridge metering lights on the reason for traffic bagging past the overcrossing, -- no problems upper deck, sluggish traffic, san jose southbound 85 overturned vehicle on the shoulder. southbound 880 at 23rd, first reports of a hit-and-run. we'll follow that when we come back. 6:10. tomorrow will be a national day of mourning in bangladesh for the 112 killed saturday in a garment factory fire. officials say the workers couldn't get out of the building it had no emergency exits. the fire is prompting a protest today by of workers demanding justice and improved safety. the factory made products for wal-mart and other companies
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in the u.s. and europe. a top official in the egyptian government says street battles and violence that started after the country's president tried to give himself sweeping new powers could soon be over. today president morsi is expected to meet members of the judiciary council to discuss those new powers critics compare his new powers to that of a dictator and vow to continue on with protests until morsi scales back. thanksgiving was a recipe of success for instagram. >> questions in oakland following a rash of weekend gun violence, leaves four dead. she lost her seat on the san francisco board of supervisors after voting to give sheriff ross mirkarimi his job back.
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dense fog advisory for entire bay area with an hour and 14 minute delays at sfo, more delays at oakland, san jose is okay, visibility there is about eight miles even on the peninsula, visibility reduced to a quarter or even an 8th of a mile in spots, so do be careful out there it has been a violence holiday weekend in oakland police investigating four murders, two women were shot to death yesterday morning, found on the sidewalk not far from brookdale park. police got several calls at 6 a.m., investigators following several lead nose word on motive or suspects. -- two other murders on
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saturday, oakland now dealing with 115 homicides so far in year, five more than all of last year. 14-year-old boy is facing charges as adult, in connection with brutal kidnapping of an elderly woman he will go for arraignment this morning in vallejo, the 65-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint while walking to her minivan in front of a store the afternoon of november 15th. 14-year-old king of vallejo is accused in the case which includes sexual assault, attempted murder and other charges itch the victim was found duct taped near -- i-80. deputy accused of robbing a bank set to be arraigned this afternoon. he's accused of robbing bank of america at 38th and balboa 7th. he handed the teller a note saying he was armed he got $1700 in cash.
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authorities say they used fingerprints on the note and bank surveillance to identify tongue >> starting tonight san jose leaders holding meetings to get public input on choosing the city's next police chief. chief moore announced he will retire the end of january search is on for a replacement. the first meeting starts tonight at :30 at berryessa community center, others will be health over the next two weeks at various community centers in san jose. outgoing christina 0 log give says she is -- looking forward to a quieter live. she will focus on finishing work on a psychology degree. the mayor her to the have adviser's seat vacated by mirkarimi when he was elected sheriff she was one of four who voted to mirkarimi his job back that outraged
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anti-domestic violence advocates who campaigned against her. look outside, we'll tell you what we've been telling you all morning. it is foggy many here's a look above the fog view from mount tamalpais, the -- 2500 feet, deck of low clouds and fog down to our bridges, overpasses, be careful, we are talking about speeds that should be reduced to easy 50 miles an hour less, 40 miles on those highways. doppler is quiet and will remain quiet throughout the day the fog is going to lift, more hazy sun, active weather headed our way overnight tomorrow night wednesday morning, heavy rain and gusty winds headed our way, dense
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fog advisory through 9:00, north bay valleys, highway 101, bridges around i-80 and 880, hayward three mile visibility, mountain view improved, san jose not bad better conditions east bay valleys elsewhere less than a quarter mile from delta, novato and coast, 16th of a mile at half moon bay i airport delays staking up. san jose 43, mountain view and redwood city, 50s by the ocean 9:00 you will notice some of the fog in the delta, even into the south bay lots of sun, hazy sunshine today, enjoy it, it is the last nice afternoon if you like it dry and mild, if you have been waiting for the rain and wind, and high elevation snow, that's on the we will look for this system to bring up subtropical moisture, once it does, a quick shot of rain headed our
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way throughout your morning commute, until then, we are looking at weak high pressure, staying over the area, then it slides out. as a result, still numbers on the mild side 59 half moon bay, afternoon sun, 63 palo alto, 64 watsonville, milder towards hollister, 67. cloudy skies tomorrow, temperatures a few degrees cooler, rain and wind wednesday morning, break thursday more rain friday into the weekend. what about monday morning commute? >> fog, couple minor incidents. good morning. live look at the san mateo bridge can't see it, tail lights headed westbound towards foster city, pea soup here headlights towards hayward no delays extra care with the fog coming through the san mateo area all bay area bridges with fog advisories now san jose no fog here, 280 moving nicely
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northbound towards coup kind, san jose south 85 at almaden off-ramp -- not blocking a lane, southbound 880 reports of a hit-and-run, sensors green, traffic getting by. looking at our waze app looking at 101 southbound and northbound through petaluma moderate to heavy southbound very thick fog if you are leaving rohnert park towards petaluma fog is going to be a problem most of the north bay, take extra time and use those low beams download this free app, the waze app on the app store or google play and maneuver through your commute this morning. choosing to work over taking vacation. is the iphone 5 on your christmas list? the $1,000 discount one
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carrier is offering -- the $100 discount one carrier is aeufrg customers.
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good morning. here's our airport delays, san francisco and oakland with an 8th mile visibility at sfo and a quarter of a nile oakland. check with your carrier all of the north bay less than a quarter of a mile and the best conditions now are over into the east bay concord and livermore, grab the jacket, chilly start, plenty 40s, even 30s, 52 san francisco, following lifts by 8:00, 9:00 hour, then looking at hazy sun and dry, sunny mild afternoon ahead. 6:25. what's trending on twitter now in the bay area:
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cyber monday, amazon as we've been telling you today is the busiest online shopping day of the year. hash tag 49ers much more on the quarterback situation still facing the team after yesterday's game coming up. hash tag liz and dick the livetime movie that debuted last night -- the lifetime movie that debuted last night. new this morning, survey finds americans are racking up unused vacation time, survey fans average american will have 9.2 days of unused vacation by the end of this year, up from 6.2 last year. the reason appears to be financial. 90% of those questioned said they would take more time if they had time and the money to do so. also new, plates of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing appear to be the winning recipe for instagram, the
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network says thank set a new record for photos posted by -- thanksgiving set a new record for photos, 200 every second the busiest day ever. at&t selling refurbished version of iphone 5 earlier than expected. the company is selling refurbished versions for as much as $100 off the place of an iphone 5. when apple replaced the 5 in september, at&t said the versions wouldn't be available until january. no reason from at&t on the earlier release date. still ahead, uncertainty remains in 9er nation this morning. the surprising response from coach harbaugh when asked if colin kaepernick women start again next sunday after yesterday's big win? deadly weekend on northern california roads. new information we are learning after a family of
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four collides head-on with a- minivan. >> reporter: it is foggy out here i'm amy hollyfield live at the bay bridge, next what it looks like on the roads.
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good morning on this monday, 6:29, highway 87 in san jose different picture from what we've been showing you didn't looking to give here. is it going to get foggy? thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. we are not recommending those of you in the north and east bay reroute to the south bay
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but it is foggy out there. live doppler 7 hd not picking up rain now, talking about the fog the dense fog advisory through 9:00, not only in the north bay, you saw the south bay ed good, -- east bay and south bay has the better conditions this morning the fog is moving a little around the hayward area, fremont, conditions are deteriorating there, so far, you are escaping the would have of it in the south bay as you head out this morning, you have to give yourself extra time then it does lift and we are getting into another sunny and mild afternoon temperatures not as warm as yesterday, pleasant out there into the 60s, looking at our warmest days behind us as temperatures begin to trim back throughout the next couple of days not today, hazy sunshine, numbers maybe into the mid and upper 60s in some
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parts with the inland valleys, with less fog, you should warm up nicely this afternoon. good morning. monday after a long weekend, folks back on the road, bay bridge toll metering lights on now traffic bagging past the west grand over -- backing past the west grand overcrossing, fact tax getting by nicely, suggestish upper deck, very foggy, fog -- advisory for all bay area bridges, bumper-to-bumper out of tracy towards altamont. out of antioch very slow towards pittsburg and concord typical for this time of morning. leaving santa rosa 101 southbound a grind to novato, 80 east shore freeway, there's 680 to the 580 corridor. our waze app is free you can see your commute through san pablo and el cerrito, very slow, fog is a factor all
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morning, take extra care download this app free. the fog can make the commute difficult. amy hollyfield joins us live from the bay bridge toll where the conditions there now look pretty foggy. >> reporter: it is thick. take a look at what the cars are going through behind me. you can see their tail lights, pretty thick and tough to see, far in front of you the kind of fog if you close your eyes and spun around a couple of times and opened your eyes you wouldn't figure out which direction you were facing, you can see far here's video we shot to give you an idea what it is like to drive across the bridge this is bay bridge eastbound when we shot this video, belief me i was driving very slowly as my photographer ian babcock shot this video in the passenger seat. you want both hands on the
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wheel i was white-knuckled. i spoke with the chp officers who told me drive slowly and keep a lot of distance between you and the car in front of you, if you have the luxury of seeing cart in front of you, they pop up quickly in fog you can't see that far down the road, driving slowly is a given this morning. i know you are probably getting ready to head back into the work from the holiday, dragging your feet a little, pick it up this morning, you gotta get in that car and get an early start, you want to drive slowly and cautiously. this morning a lot of people slamming on brakes as they realize how thick it is and how detail they need to be lots to look out for drink coffee, be alert and drive slowly, it is pretty thick out here. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:34. the thanksgiving holiday weekend ended in several deadly crashes across northern california, including a devastating accident in the sierra involving a bay area
6:34 am
family. kira klapper joins us with what we are learning about the victims. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 39 to as young as four. people in the town are speculating that a deer in the road caused the crash. others say speed contributed to the collision. prius crossed over four lanes of traffic and slammed head-on into a minivan saturday night on highway 50, four people were killed. three of the victims are from an oakland family, 38-year-old, 39-year-old and an 8-year-old all died in the prius. 10-year-old is the sole survivor from that car. people who live nearby say a crash like this happens a couple times a year they speed is a contributing factor. >> probably just need to slow it down, get it to slow down.
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>> slow the limit it was 55 in the last couple years they raised it to 65. >> it is dangerous. >> reporter: in the minivan a 4-year-old girl died her parents and 1-year-old twin brothers survived. we spoke with families members of the oakland victims, the funeral will be next wednesday in san lorenzo. bay area dui arrests up compared to a year ago. from midnight wednesday through midnight saturday 159 people arrested, nine more than last year. the final count through last night should be released later this morning. san francisco health officials trying to find the source of a carbon monoxide leak that sent a dozen to the hospital last night victims called for help from a building on courtland avenue 7:00 when several reported feeling faint they tested positive for carbon monoxide poisoning and were rushed to the hospital.
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victims told firefighters their co alarm had been going off, over several days, they thought that meant the batteries were low. now black friday is over it is time for cyber monday today is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. all sorts of items including free shipping are being offered. one firm expects sales around 1 1/2 billion dollars. that is a draw for crooks. >> they are creating fake e-tailer websites and they are designed to get you to enter credit card information and these sites revolve around gift cards. >> to protect yourself shop with retailers you know, make sure the site is secure with https in the web address and use a credit card instead of a debit card for some protection. traffic and weather together, next. how about another look at the
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fog. there it is bay bridge toll, you can see the traffic back-up and the dense fog out where amy hollyfield is. meteorologist lisa argen will have the forecast, sue hall will have traffic. eric you think the any time soon? when 9 --
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good morning there i am, one of the better spots around the bay, visibility here not bad, eight miles good into our east bay valleys as well. as we look around the bay this morning, live doppler 7 dry, we don't have to worry about that for the short term. dense fog advisory right on through the 9:00 hour. north bay visibilities reduced
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to less than a quarter of a mile, 16th of a mile at sfo, airport place an hour and 14 minutes, delays oakland quarter mile visibility, common there along the coast not good either. you saw the best area one of the best areas in san jose this morning. they are reaping the benefits. yesterday they had a ton of fog by , just leftover in the delta, afternoon highs unhazy sun, low to mid 60s nice afternoon ahead. happy monday. the bridge fog advisories have been extended for two more hours. let's go to san jose south 85 almaden off-ramp, overturned vehicle, driver abandoned the car on a shoulder, traffic getting by, westbound 237 at zanker five-car accident out of lanes cleared to the shoulder, a bit of slowing westbound.
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northbound 880 at fruitvale no accident in the right lane. 6:40 -- 6:41. san francisco general hospital suing the los angeles dodgers and former owner mccourt over the beating of fan brian stow. the hospital is asking for 1.2 million dollars to cover the cost of providing stow's extensive brain trauma care his family is already suing the team for 50 million dollars to cover his lifetime medical care. the 43-year-old stow was brutally beaten by two dodger fans following the season opener against the giants. 49ers' coach hard bow won't declare colin kaepernick to be starting quarterback next sunday. the controversy continues did spite kaepernick leading the 49ers to 31-21 win over the saints a week after the bears. harbaugh would only tell reporters we will make a
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decision whether it will be kaepernick or smith who is still suffering lingering symptoms from a concussion despite pressure from the fans and media harbaugh has made it clear he is not going to sweep smith aside. apple goes after samsung, again. major step toward happening in new york following superstorm sandy. >> trading underway on wall street. dow off about 73 points. we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange in , dont
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miss a note, next here on "good morning america." >> she is just as beautiful in person as she is on tv, oh my gosh. thank you so much. >> she is the best, the best. >> see you later. the morning commute just got easier for people in new york and new jersey. starting today some train services that were hit hard by sandy back up and running, happy news for a lot of commuters who rely on the port authority's path service to get to and from new york city.
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apple has asked a federal court to add six more products to its suit against samsung, the case is one of two lawsuits by apple against samsung. apple claims tablets and smartphones infringed on eight of its patents. apple won a 1.5 billion dollar against samsung is i am youtube has a top video investors will be watching retailers this cyber monday morning. >> jane king joins us live. hopefully a great thanksgiving for you. >> yes it was, thank you. the retailers look like they had a great thanksgiving, we'll be getting newspapers -- getting numbers as the month goes on. they try to hold on to the weekend shopping momentum and boost that mobile shoppers gave them. investors trying to figure out if strong sales numbers mean
6:48 am
people plan to spend more this season or whether they just shopped early to take advantage of deals? how much of the spending was on gifts and how much were people buying for themselves. study indicates nearly half of tech purchasers who shopped thursday and friday bought something for themselves, that could mean people have a lot of holiday shopping left. we could be in store for big online shopping day today many investors keeping an eye on europe's debt crisis european ministers meeting to negotiate a bailout payment for greece the third high level meeting this month. stocks this morning look like this, under pressure, good week last week, back to reality this morning with overseas issues we are facing. bloomberg index is positive up by half a percent. if you watched psy's beginning
6:49 am
number style on youtube, you made it the most watched video ever, the moves and lyrics pushing continue bieber's baby out of top five. my 5-year-old son even loves that. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> okay jane can't wait to see you gangnam style one of these days. right now with all that fog, sfo can't land safely side by side what are they doing? >> called ground delays, planes due into sfo delayed where they are, takeoff being pushed back an hour or two, expect big delays. >> how big are they? >> an hour and 15 minutes now at sfo you have to figure out oakland as well, quarter mile visibility on our highways, here's a look from mount tamalpais pretty from 2500 feet you can see the deck of fog out there and
6:50 am
unfortunately, we are experiencing delays through the next several hours. doppler dry, it is going to stay this way for the next 30 to 36 hours then major changes coming our way, for wednesday morning that's when it stars right now until 9:00, visibility -- visibility less than a quarter of a mile north bay valleys, interstate 80, 880 along 101 and san francisco bay area in particular at the airport, 16th of a mile, coast quarter mile there, hayward dropped to about three mile visibility, golden gate bridge, bay bridge, richmond san rafael bridge really take it slow there around san jose and livermore and concord not too bad, this is going to lift quick within the next hour or two, just fog fog lingers by the delta, dry
6:51 am
and seasonable weather today, rain returns with the wind, bringing up subtropical moisture, tomorrow our last dry day i want to get you through the timing of this. 5:00 wednesday morning, look at this cold front, it is a quick mover, it going to dump from an inch and may have to two inches of rain in the north bay by 8:00, we are still wet through the santa cruz mountains, going to take towards the afternoon until it pushes off, then a nice break into thursday. today 64 fremont, san jose, 59 half moon bay, looking at numbers in the upper 60s, warmest inland valleys, look ahead, going to get rainy the end of the week. san mateo bridge, fog is still a factor, it is beginning to lift a little, we could see the traffic now, 15 minutes ago it was so socked in we couldn't see cars. a bit of a delay due to the fog, take extra time this
6:52 am
morning if you are headed out now to san jose west 237 at zanker five-day accident on shoulder, slow there as you make your way off of 880. northbound 880 at fruitvale reports of an accident out of lanes. let's look at your waze app, major accident in petaluma past petaluma boulevard north, southbound traffic is just bumper-to-bumper all the way past the downtown area petaluma to old redwood highway, very, very slow speeds of less than 10 miles an hour. to navigate your commute this is a free app download it on the app store or google play. a drive from petaluma towards novato over 45, close to 50 minutes southbound. 6:five . five things to know before you go. >> the abc7 morning news returns in 60
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all its majesty and beauty as the sun is about to rise just a little snow on the peaks. they had a great weekend for skiing at some of the resorts up there. off to a good start. >> looks beautiful. and cold. as we get ready to hand off to "good morning america" there are five things to know before you go. number one, fog a problem. dense fog advisory in effect on bay area bridges for drivers to slow that's the bay bridge early this morning, low get better after sunrise. >> number two, chp investigate wag caused a head off on crash in the sierra fight hills that killed four people, including three members of a oakland family saturday night on highway 50 in camino. police say a westbound prius crossed four lanes and was hit head-on by a minivan diving in
6:55 am
the opposite direction. >> number three, 14-year-old boy returns to"@táu in vallejo facing charges as adult in connection with a carjacking and kidnapping of a 65 year old woman on november 15th. in vallejo. number four, it is cyber monday the day shoppers turn to the internet for big discounts analysts predict it will be the biggest online shopping day of the year. go to for a guide. >> number five, harbaugh isn't saying which quarterback will start against the raps next week. the converse continues even after kaepernick led the team to a win over the saints, smith is anxious to get back after a concussion. final check on your forecast. >> cummins from official
6:56 am
sunrise, doppler quiet the next -- couple of days changing rapidly wednesday morning, 16th of a mile visibility sfo, less than quarter mile north bay, mountain view not bad, grab the jacket chilly until the sunburns back in the low to mid 60s across the bay. >> bay bridge toll, thick fog on the span, behind the toll metering lights on it is jammed on the upper deck. fog advisory in effect for at least another two hours, closer to 8:30 now. north 880 fruitvale accident blocking lane. serious accident southbound 101 past petaluma boulevard south closer to castania jammed to old redwood highway in petaluma. take extra time. >> was it busy for you this morning? >> just a little i am >> just confirming. abc7 news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." >> you want the latest on the
6:57 am
fog and airport delays we are happy shopping.
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good morning, america. huge numbers coming in now. new video of brawls over bargains setting all-time records.

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